Dumas Running Hardware: 1244

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Product by Dumas: Dumas Running Hardware: 1244 – priced around $69.71-90.


This is the Running Hardware Kit for the Commander Express Cruiser with Twin Shaft Drive.FEATURES: Plastic, Brass, Steel, & Aluminum constructionINCLUDES: Two 2701 prop shafts Two 40-107 stuffing boxes Two 29-284 rudders Two 26-191 rudder shafts One 3508 rudder arm One 3516 double rudder arm Two 3004 propellers Two 29-146 struts Two 7016 nylon washers Two 7017 Propeller jam nuts Two 2014 3/16′ coupling assy Two 7014 collar sets One complete set of misc. fastenersCOMMENTS: There are no instructions with this kit. The package says to ‘install your hardware as per the boat instuctions’DumasPart DUM2366


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