Duncan echo metal Yo Yo (color will vary)


Product by Duncan: Duncan echo metal Yo Yo (color will vary) – priced around $50.11-$.


Adding to Duncan’s De-Luxxe series of high-performance aluminum yo-yos, the precision-machined Echo is now drawing rave reviews.Made of aircraft aluminum, Echo features a large-sized ball bearing and Duncan’s SG sticker response system. Echo also includes optional plastic side caps for added weight. Its body features groove rings to reduce friction during grind tricks. These features allow players to do today’s most difficult tricks on a yo-yo that is extremely affordable for a performance metal throw.Echo comes in six standard colorful anodized finishes. Plus, a special, limited-run Kota Watanabe signature edition Echo is now available. (Only 200 of these were made worldwide!)Note: Echo is for experienced yo-yo players and is unresponsive. It does not return to the hand when you tug the string. To bring the yo-yo back to your hand you must do a ‘bind.’ Instructions are included.


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