Evening Star Kite NTK54513


Product by New Tech Kites: Evening Star Kite NTK54513 – priced around $59-.


Artistic license at its best. Robert Brasington says that this ‘s stylish, sinuous design was inspired by minimalist structural architecture’s (and then apologizes for sounding ‘s artsy’s ). Graceful in light to moderate winds, the Evening Star has a soaring, delta-like flight. Made of ripstop nylon with carbon spars. 8’s -0’s x 4’s -0’s with 8-ft. nylon tails. Folds to 48’s (This product has a shipping length greater than 42’ and can not be shipped to most international addresses). 5 to 18 mph winds. Includes 120’s of 50-lb. polyester line on a handle. Longer line recommended.


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