HQ Yukon Series Beach and Fun Sport Kite (Cool)

$71.99 $63.55

Product by HQ Kites and Designs: HQ Yukon Series Beach and Fun Sport Kite (Cool) – priced around $63.55-71.99.


The Yukon is one of the most advanced entry-to-intermediate sport kites available. The deep sail of the Yukon ensures a slow, precise and stable flight within an awesome wind range. The feedback from the kite is excellent in helping beginners learn how to control the kite.Solid and nearly indestructible frame made of carbon fiber and fiberglass hybrid technology. A clever bridle design ensures a stable flight at higher wind speeds. This way the Yukon can handle even the most extreme conditions with ease. Beginners and advanced pilots both will be surprised at its high level of trickability. The Yukon comes complete with lines and straps. This kite offers incredible value at a very competitive price. 65 inch width and 33 inch height. 66 foot line on winder with straps included. Includes a carrying case. Ages 12 and up.


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