Juggle Dream Cyclone Quartz (Grn) 2 Triple Bearing Diabolo, Metal Diablo Sticks, 10m String & Firetoys Travel Bag


Product by Juggle Dream: Juggle Dream Cyclone Quartz (Grn) 2 Triple Bearing Diabolo, Metal Diablo Sticks, 10m String & Firetoys Travel Bag – priced around $52.5-$.


The Cyclone Quartz 2 is the second generation model of the popular medium sized triple bearing rubber diabolo. The Cyclone diabolo uses a wide axle fitted with a one way bearing making finger grinds and long complicated string tricks much easier to complete due to its prolonged spin time. The Quartz 2 boasts cups made from higher quality moulds and with a fraction more weight around the rims to help the diabolo maintain its speed. The cups also have a smoother finish than the first generation. The second generation models also have faster bearings stronger axles and new metal side washers. It also looks great with an LED kit – check out our Amazon shop for sets that include this. As you can only spin the diabolo in one direction some people find it easier to learn with. It is also much easier to get the diabolo spinning really fast as you can wrap the string a couple of times round the axle without fear of tangles. There are however a few downsides. 1. Unlike conventional fixed axle diabolos the axle will need replacing once the bearings wear out. 2. Elevator tricks (magic string climb) are impossible. The triple bearings on the Cyclone Quartz are smooth and quiet. The Cyclone Quartz is great value choice for those who want a medium sized one way clutch diabolo. JUGGLE DREAM ALUMINIUM HAND STICKS The aluminium diabolo hand sticks are much more hard-wearing than wooden sticks. The metal sticks should last a very long time if treated well (of course the string will need changing from time to time). The thin shaft of these handsticks also makes them great for stick grinds. The aluminium is of good quality and can take the any punishment you can throw at it (within the bounds of diabolo play of course). The grip is comfy and durable. The string fixing system is slightly more advanced than the standard hole system. The string passes straight into the top of the handstick and comes out a few centimetres down on one side. This essentially removes the knot from the top of t


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