Lego Insectoids 6977 Arachnoid Star Base


Product by LEGO: Lego Insectoids 6977 Arachnoid Star Base – priced around $229.99-.


This challenging, 433-piece LEGO set includes parts and 31-step instructions for creating a mechanical housefly spaceship that, with two AA batteries, lights up and makes a buzzing sound. When the plastic, Day-Glo cockpit and green plastic visual pods are considered, the fact that the completed project can be battery powered is beside the point. The kit comes with four robot astronauts; blue, moon-rover wheels; and a pair of neon blue insect wings with which to build a flying bug motorcycle. This isn’t a click- together-and-play set. It’ll take some patience and time to construct the ‘mothership’ bug. Once it’s up and running, it’s one of the most formidable toys in the galaxy of any given household. –Claire Dederer


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