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littleBits Synth Kit littleBits Synth Kit littleBits and Korg have demystified a traditional analog synthesizer, making it super easy for novices and experts alike to create music. A Modern Take on Analog Synthesizers From the Beatles to Bjí_rk, legendary artists have used analog synthesizers to produce complex sounds and innovative music. For the first time ever, the littleBits Synth Kit will enable anyone to build their own sound machines with little to no engineering or musical knowledge. Included is a handy 35+ page booklet, with step-by-step instructions for 10 great projects like the Keytar and Synth Spin Table. You’ll also receive a 9V battery + cable, everything you need to get started right out of the box. What’s in the kit? 12 modules that give you everything you need to make a powerful analong synthesizer: Power (w/ 9-volt battery), Oscillators (2), Keyboard, Microsequencer, Envelope, Random, Filter, Mix, Split, Delay, and Speaker Oscillator, Filter, and Envelope modulesView larger Oscillator, Filter, and Envelope The oscillator module are the main sound source in the Synth Kit. They feature a ‘pitch’ knob to adjust its output tone and a ‘tune’ dial for adjusting the tuning when using with the keyboard. They also features a mode switch that selects between ‘square’ and ‘saw’ waveforms. The envelope module modifies the loudness contour of a sound. This envelope has two controls: ‘attack’and ‘decay’. You can use its third bit-snap to trigger the envelope from different sources, like the keyboard. The filter has the most effect on the soundäó»s character or timbre. Use it to brighten the sound. The ‘cutoff’ knob sets the frequency to be emphasized, and the other controls peak. Keyboard moduleView larger Keyboard The keyboard lets you play melodies- it features 13 switches that make up an entire octave of notes. It has two modes: ‘press’ (which only produces output when you press a switch) and ‘hold’ (which will hold the last note you played). It also features an octave control which changes the playable range. In addition to its main output, which is great for controlling our oscillators, it also has a ‘trigger out’, which you can send to the ‘trigger in’ of envelope or other littleBits modules Microsequencer moduleView larger Microsequencer The micro sequencer sends out voltages based on the position of each of the four äóìstepäó knobs. Connect it to an oscillator and it will step through the ‘sequence’ consecutively to make a melody (The LEDs tell you which step is active). Turn a knob all the way counter-clockwise to make the step silent. Use it in ‘speed’ mode to set the speed using the dial, or flip the switch to äóìstepäó mode to use an input module like a pulse or button for control. In addition to its main output, it also has a trigger output, which you can send to any of your other Bits modules. Mix moduleView larger Mix The littleBits mix module allows you to combine two inputs and send them to a single output. It also has a volume control for each of its inputs — that’s where the ‘mixing’ comes in. Use it to play two oscillators on a single speaker! Speaker ModuleView larger Speaker The synth speaker amplifies your sonic explorations! You can control the volume with a dial at the front of the module. It also features an output jack that you can connect to headphones, an amplifier, or a computer. The speaker is connected with 3M Dual Lock so it can be removed from the circuit board. To reattach, simply press together firmly. Build a circuitView larger Customize your synth The modular nature of littleBits with the magnetic connections allow you to quickly customize your synth to get the sounds you need in seconds. Use your synth on it’s own, multi-track it in your computer, or connect it to your other synthesizers and music equipment!


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