1/48 Macross Plus YF-19 (Plastic model)


Product by Hasegawa: 1/48 Macross Plus YF-19 (Plastic model) – priced around $52.61-.


product in the form of taking into account the 1/72, increasing the resolution more ! large model model length 390mm, width of 309mm. number of parts is what allows you take to paint it assembled in a short time a relatively few. wing selection formula of fast form the normal state. Vector nozzle and head beam gun movable. cockpit selection formula of the two-seat and single-seat. pilot of seated posture comes one body. canopy will be open or closed. package illustration is in charge of Tenjin Hidetaka. decal YF-19 next whole area fighter integration Space Command Isamu Dyson the aircraft.


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