15-inch Wood Backgammon Set – Zebra Wood – Board Games

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Product by Orion Craft: 15-inch Wood Backgammon Set – Zebra Wood – Board Games – priced around $69.95-$99.95.

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This 15-inch folding wood backgammon set is perfectly suited for players looking for portability, elegant design and quality craftsmanship.Featuring beautifully polished latches and a stunning handle, this backgammon set is definitely a step above other comparable backgammon sets.Included with this backgammon set are natural all wood dice cups and lovely grooved checkers.Additional DetailsClosed Case: Length: 15′, Width: 9 1/2′, Height: 2′; Open Case: Length: 15′, Width: 19′, Height: 1′; Exterior: Wood Veneer; Playing Surface: Inlaid Wood; Wooden Light and Dark Brown Stones: 1 1/8′ diameter, 3/8′ thick; 2 Wood Cups, 2 Sets of Brown and Ivory Dices, and an Ivory Cube


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