19ft. Teknacolor Delta Kite


Product by Premier Kites: 19ft. Teknacolor Delta Kite – priced around $-.


Grand Deltas are built to last. A graceful flier, this delta excels in winds from 5 to 18 mph. Constructed with heavily reinforced details, it’s made of ripstop nylon with fiberglass spars. It has 3 tail attachment points. Built like a tank, this enormous kite will blow you away. Be prepared for more pull than you know what to do with. 18′-6′ x 9′-3.’ 4-lbs. 15-oz. 50’* case. Folds to 47′ (This product has a shipping length greater than 42′ and can not be shipped to most international addresses). Use 500-lb. Dacron line.


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