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Product by Prism: 3D – Orange – priced around $99.99-.


The 3-D is perfect for those impromptu outings when you’d never consider a regular-sized kite. Its four-foot wingspan and feather-light weight means it’ll fly indoors as easily as out. Perfect for that short-line fix in your yard, a basketball court, or even on a rooftop. It even holds the world indoor record for duration aloft (6 hours and 6 minutes – wow!) After seven years in production the 3-D is still the best selling, best performing little ultralight you can buy. The new slightly larger size will give you added stability and lower wing loading, and its Tri-Axis bridle gives you amazing control when regular bridles would be slack. The 3-D is all about minimal weight and size, making it exceptionally handy for travel. Solid Micro Carbon frame won’t break under your hiking boot, and a minature lineset, winder, and finger loops (included) fit right in the cool zippered sleeve. Adjustable standoffs let you fine-tune your 3-D for indoor or outdoor flying, making it the most versatile little kite on the planet. Wingspan – 48′. Wind Range – Indoors to 10 mph.


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