60′ Flexible Flyer Steel Runner Sled

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Product by Flexible Flyer: 60′ Flexible Flyer Steel Runner Sled – priced around $89.99-120.


Flexible Flyer 60′ Steel Runner Sled lets both children and adults ride down the hill at high speeds! Many adults have nostalgic memories of riding their steel runner sled during their childhood, and many still have the same sled! Being able to maneuver down the hill with the steering bar adds to the control and fun! This large classic sled is big enough for up to 2 riders. It can be used in seated or prone riding positions. It is constructed with birch wood and powder coated red steel runners. The Flexible Flyer logo is screen printed on during production. This tough wooden and steel sled has 3 sets of knees for support. It has pre-drilled holes in the steering bar to attach your own rope, if desired. Recommended for ages 5 and older. Durable enough for adults.


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