BABYBJORN Classic Original Baby Carrier, Dark Blue

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Product by BabyBj’_rn: BABYBJORN Classic Original Baby Carrier, Dark Blue – priced around $59.99-79.95.


Provides the important closeness and contact between you and your baby. Quick Facts About The BabyBj’_rn Baby Carrier Original From newborn (8Š—–25 lb)2-way front carryingBack supportComes in three different fabrics and several colorsPediatrician recommendedMachine-washableSafe and tested materialRelated accessories: BabyBj’_rn Bib for Baby Carrier and BabyBj’_rn Cover for Baby Carrier BabyBj’_rn Baby Carrier Original Š—– The easy-to-use classic design The BabyBj’_rn Baby Carrier Original is a small and easy-to-use baby carrier. It’s developed specifically to fit your baby right from birth and to provide the essential closeness between you and your newborn child. This front-positioned baby carrier is easy to put on and take off with only a few adjustments. Suitable from newborn. Easy to use The baby carrier is easy to put on and take off, with all adjustments made quickly in front. The strong, well-designed latches click securely and are easy to release with one hand. The two-piece design makes it easy for you to place your baby in the baby carrier unassisted, and allows you to lift your sleeping baby out without waking him or her. Easy to put on and take off with all adjustments made quickly in front. Perfect Fit From Newborn Specially designed to fit your baby right from birth, the Baby Carrier Original has a firm, adjustable head support for secure and proper support of the baby’s head and neck. The legs and hips are positioned in an ergonomically correct position that is recommended by pediatricians. Your child is carried in an upright position, which keeps airways free and allows you to check on your baby’s breathing. Ergonomic design ensures correct support for baby’s head, back, and hips from birth. Provides Closeness And Contact The Baby Carrier Original helps you stay in close contact with your infant and reinforce the parent-child bond from the very beginning. You carry your child high up on your chest and close to your heart. Your newborn baby is soothed and reassured by the warmth of your body and the sound of your heart and voice. And as a parent, you learn to recognize and understand your baby’s needs. Wide, padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly for comfortable carrying. Adjustable To Growing Baby The baby carrier adjusts to your growing baby with the size adjustment buckle. The adjustable head support can be folded down so that the older child can be carried facing outwards. Outward-facing option. Choose between carrying your older baby facing inwards or outwards. Two-Way Front Carrying In this 2-way baby carrier, your newborn baby is carried in an optimal way during the first months Š—– facing you, heart to heart. When your child is a little older, you can choose to either carry facing inwards or outwards. The Baby Carrier Original is developed in close collaboration with world leading pediatricians. BabyBj’_rn Collaborates With Pediatricians At BabyBj’_rn, we always put children’s safety and health first. We work with leading international pediatricians, child psychologists and midwives, and their medical expertise is crucial to the development of our products. The approval these medical experts give to our products is a quality guarantee that no international awards or accolades can beat. Our policy of never launching a product without their approval means that you, as a parent, can feel confident that the choice you make for you and your child is the best one Š—– regardless of which BabyBj’_rn Product you choose. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved. Safe And Tested Materials All fabrics and materials used in Baby Carrier Original are kind to your baby’s delicate skin and completely harmless to taste or chew. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved, an international safety standard for textiles, and contain no health-hazardous substances.The Baby Carrier Original meets both European and American safety standards, EN 13209-2:2005 and ASTM F2236.


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