Barbie Girls 1GB MP3 Player – Pink – Store 240 Songs!


Product by Barbie: Barbie Girls 1GB MP3 Player – Pink – Store 240 Songs! – priced around $62.99-.


Looking for the perfect Barbie Girl? Be sure and check out our full selection of Barbie Girls and accessories at The world seems a lot smaller these days thanks to connective technology such as MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, the Internet, and more. So what better way for girls to go global than with this Barbie Girl device? Barbie has been at the forefront of trendsetting for nearly 50 years and now sheŠ—Ès offering todayŠ—Ès young girls a way to share their passion for fashion, music, and chat with their bffs. At girls can create their own, personalized online space–everything from designing a ‘room’ to creating a character–where they can then play games, chat with gal pals, watch videos, and even shop with earned virtual money. Word filters, moderation tools, and other safety features ensure that the virtual world stays friendly and fun to all visitors, but the added security and benefits of this Barbie Girl device are ingenious. The Barbie Girl device is basically an MP3 player with attitude. First, it offers a range of customizable fashions and accessories, delivering the next generation of fashion doll play. Second, it is a music device with 1GB of on-board memory. Third, the Barbie Girl device acts as a ‘key’ for girls who have a room on Girls who have this device and who have physically connected them into one anotherŠ—Ès computer docking stations can become ‘best friends’ and chat in ‘secret.’ ItŠ—Ès a more personal touch to the site experience and an extra layer of safety for parents. The device also allows its user to unlock additional pets, games, hangouts, fashions, and more online. This Barbie Girl Device is mostly pink, comes with two hairstyles, two faces, two tops, two skirts (one over pants), and a pair of shoes that can be interchanged to match the ownerŠ—Ès current mood and style. The tech gadget also includes adjustable earbuds, a belt clip, and a durable storage case so itŠ—Ès easy to take everywhere. Additional packs of fashions, pets, and accessories are sold separately and offer the ability for girls to make their Barbie Girl as unique as themselves. Tech Specs 1GB on-board memory Expandable miniSD slot that holds a memory card up to 2 GB (sold separately) The device can play any non-DRM-encrypted MP3 or WMA files Comes with Windows Media Player 11 Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that charges via a USB port Recommended system requirements Broadband Internet connection Windows XP or Windows Vista DirectX 9.0 or above Pentium III 800 MHz or above processor (or equivalent) 512 MB RAM 200 MB free hard drive space Internet Explorer 6.0 or later with SP1 and Macromedia Flash Plug In CD-ROM drive USB 2.0 Port


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