Barbie Rainbow Horse and Sprinkles Her Fairy Friend


Product by Mattel: Barbie Rainbow Horse and Sprinkles Her Fairy Friend – priced around $-.

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Princess Barbie is all set for a magical ride on her trusted horse, Rainbow. With flowing white mane and tail, and a pink saddle and bridle, Rainbow is a magic horse. She has iridescent pink and white wings that span 22 inches in diameter and flutter back and forth as she flies. Barbie sits securely upon Rainbow thanks to a specially constructed pink sidesaddle and jewel-bedecked reins. Also provided are a pink brush and hand mirror that enable Barbie to properly groom her magic horse. Within a secret saddle pocket hides a 2-inch-long fairy horse named Sprinkles. If your Princess Barbie yearns to take to the skies on a magical horse, she can fly with Rainbow. –Tami Horiuchi


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