How Rocket Learned to Read 20′ Doll

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Product by Merry Makers: How Rocket Learned to Read 20′ Doll – priced around $50.5-59.99.


Rocket loves to play. He loves to chase leaves and chew sticks. Then one spring day he’s interrupted by a little yellow bird who’s determined to teach him how to read. At first Rocket is reluctant, but curiosity wins over and soon he’s an eager student, learning the alphabet and sounding out words. This giant Rocket Doll from Merry Makers is a big, cuddly friend, irresistibly cute and larger than life. He’s the perfect companion to bring along on reading adventures. From How Rocket Learned to Read and other books about Rocket, written and illustrated by Tad Hills. Safe for all ages–perfect for ages 3 to 6. Measures 20 inches tall. Surface wash only.


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