[Mamegyorai Limited] Silent Hill 2 – Bubble Head Nurse (PVC Statue)


Product by GECCO: [Mamegyorai Limited] Silent Hill 2 – Bubble Head Nurse (PVC Statue) – priced around $-$.


Among the horror game that there is a number , title boasts a presence fear and one of the best ‘Silent Hill ‘ . His second series launched in 2001 Call of the ‘ masterpiece ‘ is also higher than the ‘Silent Hill 2 ‘ is a PVC Statue of ultra- quality continued that ‘ Sankakuatama ‘ and ‘bubble head nurse ‘ and ‘ Red Pyramid Thing ‘ ! the haunted attractions of silent Hill in ‘ Brookhaven hospital ‘ , a bewitching creature also horrifying . By using rearrange the wrist of optional parts , iron pipes can be made to have to either hand . It is equipped with a gimmick that can be connected without any gaps as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle , the world of Silent Hill spreads further and decorate with more than one base . The bend of the waist , the slope of the neck , and …… curvature of the foot. Wear a different even when viewed from any angle , posing the calculated three-dimensional object only is a must see !


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