Pokemon Poke Ball Electronic Ball Game


Product by Pok?mon: Pokemon Poke Ball Electronic Ball Game – priced around $55.99-.


Based on the popular Pok’©mon card game, this Pok’©ball LCD game features a much simpler goal: capture a Pok’©mon. The device looks like a 3-D replica of the coveted red and white Pok’©ball from the cartoon series. The hinged plastic ball opens with the push of a button. The top half contains a small LCD screen that shows your score and the Pok’©mon you are trying to catch. The bottom half is the console with on/off and volume buttons, catch buttons, and two concentric circles of LED lights with one large LED light in the middle. The LED lights represent the Pok’©mon, and when the Pok’©ball is rotated, the lights move around the circles. The goal is to tilt the Pok’©ball so that the light is in the very middle, then quickly press both catch buttons. The action is similar to one of those old plastic maze games. If you catch the Pok’©mon, its picture and statistics show up on the LCD screen. All of this action is accompanied by loud arcade-style sound effects, which can be turned off at any time during play. The games get progressively tougher as new elements are added: more than one Pok’©mon appear at a time, captured Pok’©mons escape, or a time limit is imposed. This is a game of speed and coordination, but its simplicity might grow old quickly. Since most Pok’©mon card-game fans love the complexity of the game, this one might only be for Pok’©mon collectors who have to catch them all. –M. Sullivan


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