Sandbox Digger Toy

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Product by Sandbox Digger Toy – priced around $51.99-59.99.


110 lb weight capacity. Unlike other sand diggers, it has large washers to prevent little fingers being pinched. While you can spend $200.00 and up for a commercial version, this digger will do the job for most users and we invite you to compare it to any in its price range. It has strong screws that make the joints adjustable rather than rivets. It has a swivel seat and the bucket extension is designed to not get stuck in the ‘out’ position. The Children’s Needs Backhoe is the child friendliest sand digger on the market that will help your child develop such skills as * eye hand coordination, which is the basic for writing, crafts, and other fine motor activities. *precision * endurance * hours of plain fun and exercise. note: currently has yellow hand grips. Looks similar to our Kid Digger beginner model, but the arms are farther from the seat and the sandbox digger toy is made from heavier gauge metal.


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