SandLock Sandlock Deluxe Umbrella Bracket Kit

$149.99 $143.93

Product by Sandlock: SandLock Sandlock Deluxe Umbrella Bracket Kit – priced around $143.93-$149.99.


About SandLock Sandbox LLC Kids are top priority when it comes to SandLock Sandbox products. SandLock believes every child can benefit from sand and water activities. The company, based in Westmont, Ill., considers its products as foundations for education – teaching art, literacy, technology, and more. All products are designed to be attractive, durable, and safe. SandLock offers a complete line of sandboxes and sand tables to meet all your needs. SandLock products provide kids with fun opportunities to learn and play. Secures all SandLock umbrellas to sandtables. Umbrella features strong frame, tilting post, and carrying bag. Made of HDPE recyclable plastic. Quick and easy installation. Includes 1- Deluxe SandLock Umbrella and 1 – SandLock Umbrella Bracket.


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