SportsStuff Siesta Lounge Inflatable Raft

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Product by SportsStuff: SportsStuff Siesta Lounge Inflatable Raft – priced around $81.44-100.


SportsStuff Siesta Lounge Inflatable Raft – In Spanish, siesta means nap. Get your siesta on in the Siesta Lounge inflatable raft by SportsStuff. This nifty inflatable relaxation device can take you on a journey on the water while you kick back and relax. The siesta lounge is made with heavy-gauge PVC bladder and a durable full nylon cover. The backrest is also inflatable and comfortable. A great feature of this SportsStuff inflatable raft is that the foot rest folds. You can either keep you feet and legs elevated or fold the rest under so your feet can dangle in the cool waters. There are even convenient cup holders on either side to house your beverages. . Size: 67 x 40 inches (deflated), Number of People: 1, Built in Cooler?: No, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 186872, Model Number: 54-1602, GTIN: 0029808008476


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