TimeLine GAMES: Inventions; Discoveries; Historical Events & Diversity _ Bundle of 4 Games in Colorful Tins

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Product by Asmodee: TimeLine GAMES: Inventions; Discoveries; Historical Events & Diversity _ Bundle of 4 Games in Colorful Tins – priced around $58.99-$68.99.

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Timeline Inventions, Timeline Discoveries, Timeline Historical Events & Timeline Diversity Games test players’ ability to chronologically organize events. Each card has a picture and name of a happening. Front and back of each card are identical, except, one side has the date. (Diversity in this context means a wide range of events and various themes)On your turn place one of your Timeline cards (which are kept face-down, NO date showing) into the correct ‘Point in Time.’ At the beginning of the game there is one card in the timeline. As the game progresses the TIMELINE increases in length. Positioning your cards becomes correspondingly more challenging. Each game comes in a very attractive, colorful, snap-off top tin. Tin measures approximately 5 x 5 x 1.5 inches. Mini Timeline cards measure 2.5 x 1.5 inches. Each game has 109 or 110 cards. 435 plus cards in total. Compact, great for travel.Take care in choosing the correct position within the timeline to place your event card. Choose wrong and the event card is returned to the deck. You must draw a new card. Recommended for 2 to 6 players, ages 12 to 105 years. Some very bright 8 to 11 years may enjoy this game. Excellent way to build your historical knowledge base. Enjoy playing each game independently. For more excitement combine cards from all four games. Because each game can be played separate from the others some may wish to break apart the bundle and use as small stocking stuffers for four different people. Handicap those who have more experience playing the game (against newcomers) by assigning more cards at the game’s start.Returns, if necessary, are always processed promptly. Timeline INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES, HISTORICAL EVENTS & DIVERSITY games sold as a bundle. Return of complete NEW bundle is required for any refund to be issued.


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