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With nearly 400 three-dimensional pieces, this Titanic puzzle contains uncanny similarities to its namesake, which tragically sank after striking an iceberg in 1912. Although a mere fraction of the ship’s actual size, the completed puzzle imitates the original vessel’s magnitude and grand exterior with detail and decorative accessories, including U.S. and British flags, the ship’s identification, and towering masts. This replica is not equipped to sail the high seas, but the deck suggests that it is with lifeboats (not enough, unfortunately) and four steam funnels. History buffs will learn interesting trivia about the real ship’s creation and demise, such as the fact that the fourth funnel was merely decorative, in a short profile titled ‘Iceberg, Straight Ahead.’ When assembling this puzzle you must, ‘Think Vertical! Remember your puzzle is not just a picture, but a dimensional model! The inside will be hollow.’ Useful, illustrated instructions offer building tips such as a suggestion to ‘install the funnels on the bridge before joining it to the sides.’ In its time, the Titanic was an impressive ocean liner; today’s prolific puzzle architect will find this 3-D model a great tribute to the ship that was once thought to be unsinkable. Measures 30.75 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep, and 9 inches tall when assembled. . –Cate Bick


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