Yu Gi Oh! Samuai Warlords Structure Deck Box


Product by Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yu Gi Oh! Samuai Warlords Structure Deck Box – priced around $64.99-$.


Ready-to-play 40-card deck + 1 new card for the extra deck, play mat, rule book, dueling guide with strategy and deckbuilding tips! Time to wield the power of a true Samurai Master! The Six Samurai have rumbled the Dueling world and high-level tournaments for a long time. Now here they come again, stronger than ever, and with the most Six Samurai cards ever included in one product with Structure Deck Samurai Warlords! The traditions and tactics of Six Samurai are heavily rooted in teamwork. Samurai Warlords contains 41 cards which go great together and support each other’s strengths, from the powerful cards Great Shogun Shien and Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan to Six Samurai United, Musakani Magatama and Fiendish Chain. While 40 cards go into the Main Deck, the 41st is the for the Extra Deck. For the first time in a Structure Deck, this card is an Xyz card, and it’s an even more special treat: Shadow of the Six Samurai – Shien, the first Six Samurai themed Xyz Monster, herewith released as world premiere!


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